This site is dedicated to serving all those consciously on the path of Ascension on a Personal and Universal Level.  

Working with Jayne guides you rapidly forward upon your own Unique Spiritual Evolvement Path,  Offering 1 on 1 Sessions, Releasing Blocks, Transformational Tools and Classes for Healing, Support and giving you the Codes for the New Earth Human Joy Body and Shift to 5D.

You will learn about your Multi-Dimensional self and Activate Your Latent Talents, meet your Twin Flame at a Soul Level and so much more!   Jayne – Azraella (her Angel Name) channels a very large Soul Group of Masters, Angels, Archangels, Twin Flames and Universal Light Beings – In Service to Us All From Their Hearts to Yours.  We Are All One.

With Love, Light and Peace

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“Jayne is like a breath of fresh air…her words and wisdom were experienced by me as pure love-unconditional love.” — Charlotte Clarke, host, WOKR-TV 13


The Call of an Angel for Beginners on becoming a Healer with Useful Tools, Meditations and Visualisations.

Twelve Steps to Heaven on becoming a Soul Channel and Meeting Angels and Twin Flame in Soul with Visualisations.

The New DNA on DNA Activations and Mediations for a New Earth

A Secret Path to Freedom includes Channelled Information for Ascension and DNA Activations




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Ascension Attunement Level 1 https://www.learnitlive.com/invite/activationsforascension.  



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Ascension Attunement

Level 2 and Level 3



My first radio interview for 20 years!


Darlene Sowa – Journey Into Oneness – I come on at 17 minutes…


What People Say:  ” I have been involved in spiritual growth for 40 years.  Jayne is one of the best teachers I have encountered.  She comes from Pure Love and Compassion” RJ, NY 2017 





What People Say:

“Jayne is a remarkable channeler.  I respect the  discipline it takes to do what she does with such purity and integrity.” NH


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“I have had the honor to participate in these amazing healings and Activations and I am forever changed.  I have been humbled to be a part of this magnificent experience. I am so grateful to Jayne and the Angels and Higher Beings.”  CC, Georgia

“The beautiful imagery you’ve channeled and shared with us in your latest book is absolutely captivating and takes on a life of its own!  Thank
you!” PAL, Virginia

“Jayne is impeccable in maintaining a clear channel for spirit. These Activations are loving, uplifting and empowering, always coming at just the right time!” MU, Hawaii


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