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“Jayne is like a breath of fresh air…her words and wisdom were experienced by me as pure love-unconditional love.” — Charlotte Clarke, host, WOKR-TV 13


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My first radio interview for 20 years!


Darlene Sowa – Journey Into Oneness – I come on at 17 minutes…


What People Say:  ” I have been involved in spiritual growth for 40 years.  Jayne is one of the best teachers I have encountered.  She comes from Pure Love and Compassion” RJ, NY 2017 



What People Say:

“Jayne is a remarkable channeler.  I respect the  discipline it takes to do what she does with such purity and integrity.” NH


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“I have had the honor to participate in these amazing healings and Activations and I am forever changed.  I have been humbled to be a part of this magnificent experience. I am so grateful to Jayne and the Angels and Higher Beings.”  CC, Georgia

“The beautiful imagery you’ve channeled and shared with us in your latest book is absolutely captivating and takes on a life of its own!  Thank
you!” PAL, Virginia

“Jayne is impeccable in maintaining a clear channel for spirit. These Activations are loving, uplifting and empowering, always coming at just the right time!” MU, Hawaii


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